The Activism of Mantra

In light of the recent election here in the United States there has been a fire lit for those inspired to action and activism. This fire always burns, of course, but with the full assault on diversity, religious freedoms, and the abhorrent policies of the incoming administration toward people of color, our LBGTQ brothers and sisters, the rights of all women, and the sacred and delicate balance of the very planet that sustains us all, that fire has become a bonfire of potential action and resistance.

The potency of this action is clear and direct. We have access to the power and energy of our individual bodies, our speech, and our minds. Through applying these three gates of action with precision and diligence we can bring about real unity and progress in our communities.

We can talk to each other skillfully, we can march, we can dedicate the processes of our minds to cultivating acceptance, forgiveness, love, and a fierce dedication to justice and peace.

That’s were mantra comes in. The ferocity of our dedication can be directly applied to the circumstances of our communities through the practice of mantra. After all, this is what ngakpa have done for centuries. Ngakpa are lay tantric practitioners who, rather than renouncing the world like their monastic counterparts, live within it. We are dedicated to our communities, to healing them, protecting them, and cultivating positivity within the mandala that we walk through every single day.

The daily practice of a mantra practitioner isn’t some kind of silent, passive cultivation. It’s an active, alive, integration into the internal and external world in a simultaneous display of action. In fact, it’s our responsibility to utilize the intimate gift of transmission that we carry to benefit our communities. There is no turning a blind eye, there is no turning back. Once you have taken on the vows and commitments of being a ngakpa you are, and always will be a servant of your community.

There is nothing more rebellious than directly encountering the suffering and trauma of the world. This is what meditation practice is. It informs our actions off the cushion and brings the rock-meets-bone realities of the world into our perspective.

There is potential in the darkness. A great opportunity to throw open the doors and invite everyone in. When people of different backgrounds and perspectives find unity in their shared magic we can truly give birth to nurturing communities. By living in them, freeing ourselves from distraction, and taking control of our own circumstances.

This love for each other is why we practice…

It’s why we take to the streets…

It’s why we have discussions at the kitchen table…

It’s because we are intimately connected and the power of our body, speech, and mind, is limitless and completely connected.

By harnessing this power for the benefit of all, we are practicing the action of mantra.

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