Song of Advice for Giving Up Meat

PemaDuddul2I was a vegetarian for years. Strict, rigid, and quite high on myself and low on those who ate meat. To put it simply, I was a fanatic. Much to the benefit of myself (and those around me) my attitude changed and I have become much more gentle in my opinions. I also started to eat meat again, voraciously at times. After experiencing both extremes I think I have found some kind of middle ground, at least in my own mind.

As I get older I have also noticed that I just feel better when I consume a vegetarian diet. That said, this post is a bit of a selfish reminder to be more disciplined and mindful in my consumption. That and I think the text by Nyala Pema Dudul that I have posted below is an eloquent reminder of how our decisions impact others (and ourselves of course) on an everyday basis.

Nyala Pema Dudul was a remarkable master and terton who lived during the 19th century.

You can read more about him here.

And his biography has been recently published by Shang Shung Publications. I was extremely honored to do some proofreading on this edition and can say that it is inspirational and fascinating.


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