Book Review: Treasury of Precious Qualities

TPQTreasury of Precious Qualities by Jigme Lingpa falls into the literary and teaching category of Lam Rim, the most famous of which is the Lam Rim Chenmo of Je Tsongkhapa. Tsongkhapa’s Lam Rim is so famous in fact that many people think it is THE Lam Rim text and have little or no knowledge of other works within the genre when in fact there are many traditional and modern works that meet the criteria.

Shambhala Publications and the Padmakara Translation Group have spent many years translating and publishing a two volume translation of Jigme Lingpa’s pithy Lam Rim text. The volumes also contain extensive and detailed commentaries by Kangyur Rinpoche (1897-1975). The symbiosis of Jigme Lingpa’s terse root text and the remarkably detailed and nuanced commentary of Kangyur Rinpoche produces a remarkable guidebook through the paths and stages of Buddhist practice, from the first thoughts of renunciation all the way to the fruits of Dzogchen.

Book One covers the gradual path of the sutras and Book Two focuses on Vajyrana and Dzogchen. I have been using Book One as a reference for years and there is no doubt that Book Two will serve the same purpose. After just recently reading the second volume I can say that it is unique in its clarity and generosity of information. They are an invaluable resource to serious, traditional students of Tibetan Buddhism who don’t read Tibetan.

You can find the books here.

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